Monday, September 17, 2001

Freedom Towers Makes a Reason-able Mistake
Reason magazine editor Nick Gillespie pointed out their coverage of the WTC and Pentagon attacks at their "Terror Strikes" page, and it contains lots of terrific stuff, including Nick's own excellent piece about rebuilding at the WTC. He points out that it also the origin of the Yamasaki quote I attributed to (see below). Andrew runs an excellent site and you should still visit it, but I wanted to post the correction. And make sure you check out the site, too.

Financing the new WTC through private contributions is a great idea in
the libertarian spirit. Don't use any tax money to do it. It will be a
great example of what The People can accomplish without any assistance from
the government---other than the waiving of taxes and EPA-type restrictions.
"Get out of our way!"
Be sure to include in the fundraising provision for a budget for
providing security for the new center. I'm thinking of a surplus of money to pay
higher than normal wages for security personnel and for better than
ordinary background checks. The buildings should not be known only as the
tallest in the world but also as the safest.
This, won't ever happen, but at least in my own mind I'll indulge
myself in imagining that the two new towers would be named "Howard Rourk Tower"
and "John Galt Tower".
-- Charlie MacDonald in Kobe, Japan

The Port of the World
Rebuilding the towers would be a beautiful act of defiance against those bringers of terror--the opponents of liberty across the world who would attempt to subjugate free men. They should be built bigger and better--to act as the pinnacles that drew men's eyes to the heart of downtown New York, the port of the world.
We should also resist the knee-jerk reaction to give up our freedom for that ellusive shadow of security that cannot be attained. We must push forward to broaden our freedoms and those of our neighbors, as well as those of all the people around the world. Any other path would be a victory for terrorism, which we cannot abide.
-- Gary Galloway, Cullowhee, NC

Rebuild them as big or bigger than they were before!
-- Angie Staffieri

I'm ready to sign!
-- Nancy Hudson of Weatherford, Texas

Freedom, Unity, and Remembrance
Remember that WTC 7, a 45-story building, has also collapsed. Build
*three* 125-story towers on the sites of WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7. Cap
each then with a Petronas-towers like pinnacles, which will house
memorials. Name the towers Freedom, Unity, and Remembrance. At the
top of each tower, place statues of Liberty similar to the one on the
Capitol dome -- the one on Freedom holding a pole topped with liberty
cap (an ancient symbol of freedom), the one on Unity weilding sword and
shield, and the one on rememberance holding a poppy (an international
symbol remembering the war dead).

Contrary to the opinions of many, I always thought the WTC towers were some of the most beautiful architectural wonders in the world. I would very much like them back. And I want to own stock in the Freedom Tower REIT.
-- Tim Hartigan, Bass Lake Wisconsin

Do buildings have cornerstones anymore?. .. containing the names of all that died along with a copy of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights should be laid on the day the last of the rubble has been cleared.
-- David

If we fail to rebuild then we have let them win. The new towers will be a living memorial to those who were lost. New Yorkers, and Americans, should not settle for less.
-- Susan Murphy, Hartford, CT

With Steel In Our Back
The rebuilding of the WTC tower(s) will be a punch in the gut of world terrorism. We must never give up. With steel in our back and a smile on our face, we will all unite to rebuild a soaring monument to American ingenuity and determination. Not only that, but it will have to be the tallest building in the world - Kuala Lumpur does not deserve to outpace the United States in architecture. The sight of two (or three) gleaming new towers filling in the NYC skyline will alert all would-be terrorists that we will always recover, while their nations will be smoking holes in the ground.
--Brian Hinkle of Littleton, CO

Let's rally! And get it done!
-- Michelle Binker

Add my name.
-- Tom Hughes of Culloden, WV

Absolutely rebuild. We must show America is more than a building. A
few billion to the federal government is nothing or we could really show
our unity and sell bonds as others have suggested. We must be in your face
to these sub humans.
-- Doug C.

To the Innocents Who Perished
To rebuild would be the best monument to those innocents who perished.
-- Bernie Parsons of Greenup, KY

Wonderful idea, we all stand together now and this can show what an awoken America can do
-- Stephen Linder

how about rebuilding them in the shape of a U S A , so they could be
seen from outer space as is the wall of China ? My son is an AF
fighter pilot, & if he has to make the ultimate sacrifice, this is a worthy
-- Linda S.

God HAS Blessed America
I recommend the financing be secured through a public offering to USA citizens only of $10 per share, limit 10 shares per each. If investments averages $20 per American, that's around $5.4 billion. Is that enough? The towers should be named "Freedom" and "Liberty." There is a distinction.
Rudy Giuliani should be the anti-terrorism czar. ABC-CBS-NBC TV Newscasters should shut up about how they think the president is doing, and just report the facts, the silly asses. There needs to be a thing to do or a place to go for old farts like me (over 60) who want to battle but probably ought not to. Can I rejoin the U.S. Navy, even if only to show my support and love of country? Perhaps a Vietnam Memorial-type wall at the site showing the names of all who perished, and a special memorial for those airline passengers who apparently thwarted one of the suicide missions. God HAS blessed America, from Sea to Shining Sea, and we need to honor that blessing by preserving the U.S. Constitution exactly as it was written.
-- Ron Pavellas

I always thought the towers were beautiful. Re-build.
-- James A. Walsh of Wilmington, DE

Count me in! I'd be more than willing to kick in a few bucks myself to
help out, and I think the idea of following the architectural style of the
Empire State building is great.
-- Tim Loftus, MSgt USMC (Retired), La Grange, KY

Be Patient, Thoughtful, Intelligent
In addition to the horrible loss of life, America, and New York in particular, has lost a mighty icon representing our way of life. I personally agree with all the others who want to see the towers rebuilt; bigger, better, and in defiance of the ignorant bastards who took them from us. However it is the New Yorkers who would be taking on the awesome responsibility and risk of once again hosting these important symbols of America. We must realize that their path to recovery will be long and arduous, and include some extremely difficult decisions. As important as rebuilding the towers may be to all of us, the practical considerations of day to day life, such as safety and peace of mind, must be taken into account. I suggest we all put ourselves in their shoes and support their decision, whatever it is. We must rebuild. But just as with our retaliation, let's be patient, thoughtful, and intelligent with our progress.
-- Bill Jordan

I went to the WTC once in the mid-'80s... and now regret that after
having a drink in the bar somewhere around the third floor that we didn't go up
to the observation deck since we had dinner reservations somewhere else.
They truly defined the word "awesome."

I've read that the reason the towers collapsed is because the steel
melted... and it melted because the use of wet asbestos was
discontinued during the construction due to environmental concerns that were not
based upon sound scientific inquiry. The planes impacted above the asbestos
zone, and the resultant fire melted the steel causing the pancaking that,
like a fist hammering the top of each tower, resulted in their collapses. It
has been suggested that the wet asbestos coating would have allowed the
steel beams to meet the standard of retaining their strength for up to four
hours... and as a result the buildings and most of the people would
have survived.

You have to marvel at a structure that can take the incredible impact
of a massive wide-body airliner, with more explosive and kinetic energy (but
not as much brisance) than a cruise missile, moving at over 300 mph and
remain standing. Who would have thought that the towers could basically
swallow the planes? The planes were utterly destroyed by the impact, but the
building stayed largely intact until the fires weakened the few
remaining support beams.

For the sake of our national psyche we MUST rebuild the towers... only
we must do it so they are even stronger. I agree with the sentiment of
making them defensible, and with making the memorials at the top.
-- John Clifford of Bellevue Washington

The Barbarians Within
So many good ideas: defiantly higher; radar, ack ack guns & SAM sites;
REIT financing from millions of individual Americans and others who
understand and love freedom; an international contest for the best design
(perhaps we'll discover that the original remains best?). Still, the most
nagging challenge will be whether sufficient tenants can be found. Despite our
best defensive efforts, it will remain a target for those who despise
freedom, capitalism, liberty, and hence any future tenants will be forever at
higher risk at the hands of the barbarians, ever abetted by their postmodern,
morally equivocating leftist allies in academia, media, and the
political class - the barbarians within.
-- Steven Fogarty of Salt Lake City

Sunday, September 16, 2001

A Canadian Says: 'George W. Bush Is My President, Too'
Last night, my wife and I had dinner at a restaurant in Victoria,
British Columbia, Canada, where we live.

A "bum" approached us, as we were having a smoke outside the
restaurant. "Can you spare a cigarette?" he asked? My wife gave him three. He asked
us what we thought of the horrific disaster that had befallen our friends
and neighbors to the south.

"Since last Tuesday, George W. Bush is my president, too," he said. A
profound statement, indeed.

I weas born in Germany in 1935. When Hitler unleashed World War Two, I
was four years old. When my world collapsed in an unprecedented cataclysm,
I was 10.

That's when I met Americans for the first time. They were young
soldiers, many of whose comrades had died on the battle field. And yet, these
boys showed us, the German civilian population, no hostility whatsoever.
They were kind, especially to children like me.

It was the Marshall Plan that saved my life. It provided for one square
meal a day for the children of people who were America's enemies a scant few
months before. Without that help, I would not be alive today.

I emigrated to Canada in 1957. That was 44 years ago. Today, from my
living room window, I can see the Olympic Mountains in the state of
Washington, a mere 20 miles away. The strait between Canada and the U.S. is part of
the longest undefended border in the world.

Think about that one for a moment: about to six thousand miles of
border between two nations, undefended, no guns, not walls, not barbed wire,
no armed guards. Just friends. Just neighbors.

As I write this, my heart goes out to to families who lost loved ones
in last Tuesday's
horrible terrorist attack. I think back to these young American lads
who showed me so much kindness way back in 1945, and wonder whether one of
their sons or daughters, grandsons or granddaugters died last Tuesday at the
hands of terrorists.

I would like to say to Americans, thank you for being who you are. I
may not always like your politics. I am a journalist and must critize where
criticism is due.

But today, I am, once again, the 10-year-old, who on the first occasion
of meeting Americans, was full of wonder and admiration.

In conclusion, I would like to express my whole-hearted support for the
idea of rebuilding the two towers, taller and better than before.

And in defiance of those who would destroy our way of life, I say: yes,
call them Freedom and Unity, "and let the terrorists figure outr what the
intials stand for."
-- Hubert Beyer

A Vital Message
I can't imagine one person in this country that wouldn't sign this petition. Of course they need to be rebuilt - bigger, better
and more beautiful than any buildings in the history of the world. They will serve to send the vital message to the rest of the
world that we still have the essence, the drive, the unity and the willpower so overwhelmingly displayed during the
Revolution and WWII. Build a memorial atop the 200th floor right next to the anti-aircraft guns. I personally can't think of a
better name than Freedom Towers. May the tears we shed as a nation serve to strengthen our resolve towards this end.
-- Brian Asklund of Bondurant, IA.

Build them bigger and better than before! Lets show those terrorists
how wrong they were about America. We don't cower in the corner!
-- Dora Keller of Everett, WA

America has drifted for decades. It may be that we
require a life and death challenge to bare the steel
that lives beneath the skin of every free man.
So be it.
We must rebuild the towers. Not as a monument to
victims, or a statement of defiance in our national
We don't really need a temple to our greatness; any
cathedral falls far short of touching God's welcome
mat. We...each man and woman, every boy and girl
raised to live free...are the true miracles in this
We ARE the power that drives America. We are one
nation, out of many. I cried more than once this past
week, but less from sadness than out of pride. I have
doubted my fellows for years. I thought we had lost
the thread that joins but never binds. I was wrong.
Persons unknown attacked THINGS we made. They think
that we hold THINGS above people. That we would roll
over and die because they broke our shiny glass and
steel towers.
Barbarians. Animals.
They will die, not for broken glass and twisted steel,
but to atone tenfold for every single innocent life
wasted on Tuesday 11 September 2001. Things we MAKE,
we can go back and make again. We will make the next
towers a little better, a little bigger, with plaques
and sculptures and all sorts of little improvements
because it's what we do when something is broken.
I support a public subscription for a new set.
Scratch the AA and SAMs, though. Dead men don't
hijack airplanes.
-- A.R. Jonesof Orem, Utah

Just as Before
I have had no doubt since the towers first fell that they will be rebuilt. I say build them just as
before with the improvements that come from advances in technology. Same height. Same number
of floors. They were fine just as they were.
-- Jeff Wolfe

Standing In Wonder at the Base of the Towers
Just a few weeks ago I took my 6 year old son and my 3 year old daughter, along with their cousins to stand in wonder at
the base of those towers, marveling at how they almost seem to tilt toward you against the crystalline blue sky. Now the
next time I visit with my children a colossus will be brought down, scattered in pieces at their feet. Let me tell them that
Americans don't give up when knocked down, that our spirit and our strength is to go back, to go on, to go higher. And
God grant me the privilege of standing at the plaza with my children.. taller, smarter, stronger, on the day the Towers are
reopened. So we may all tilt our heads back to again marvel at America's reach into the sky.
-- John Dormin of Pearl River, New York

That cowardly murdering bastard Bin Laden said he wanted those towers destroyed, so to let them stay
demolished is to let him win. No Way!!! I can think of no better way to show that idiot what we think of
him (besides making Afghanistan a parking lot) than to put them back even bigger and better than before.
There is also no better way to memorialize our fellow Americans who were cold-bloodedly murdered. I
would bet each and every one of them would cheer the idea!
-- James Lewallen

Like many others, I was not enamored of the WTC's
design, but after this week's horrific events, I
absolutely agree that we *must* rebuild there! America
is not to be trifled with!
-- Meg Quinn of Dallas Texas

In the Aye Column
In my bedroom at my parents' house, there is a framed, matted poster of
the New York skyline, with the World Trade Center in the middle.
Unfortunately, I never got to visit the Twin Towers before the
knocked them down. Therefore, it is imperative that Freedom and Unity
be rebuilt. (I like the initials.) Put me down in the "aye" column.
-- David Guenthner of Austin, TX

To Heal Ourselves
Rebuild the Towers. The New York skyline does not and has never belonged solely to New Yorkers. It is a Symbol and a
sight of the United States. It belongs to all of us. The attack occurred in New York & Washington, but it really was an attack
on us all. We need to rebuild to heal ourselves and show the world that we can rebuild what was stolen from us. I like the
idea of a memorial on the top of the towers, a way to always remember those who were killed for the crime of being an
-- Tom Harden of Muscatine IA

No Hiding
Absolutely! Make them the tallest, most spectacular buildings in the
world! All those citizens of the U.S. and other nations who were
cold-bloodedly murdered on Tuesday would not want us wallowing in grief
self-pity, hiding in our homes, and wondering where the next attack
be. Rebuild them! We have the technology! And let's do it while the
men and women of our armed forces are overseas demonstrating to bin
and others of his sick, twisted, corrupt faith what it actually means
be AT WAR with America. Count me in!
-- Peter M.

Let's make em the tallest buildings in the world by far! Freedom and Unity will become the new symbols of everything America stands for.
-- Joe Joslin

Dont Forget the Side Buildings
So many good ideas here. Freedom and Unity it must be, but as someone who once worked in WTC 4 don't forget the side buildings. The tallest side building on one side of each tower, and two smaller ones on the other sides. Look at your hands to complete the picture - this is New York after all.
-- David M. - San Diego

Another volunteer
I'm still in college, but I'd gladly scrape up some money for this
project. And when I graduate, I'd be proud to work there.
-- Eric Jonak, San Antonio, TX

And the world grieves with us...
Not everybody around the world laughs at our misery.
A little much-needed salve for the heart . . .
Touching...this is one of the best ones I've seen thus far...
-- Kathy

Count me in. Get those towers back up!
-- Laura J.

Saturday, September 15, 2001

Shine Like a Thousand Points of Light
The 'Freedom' towers should undoubtedly be rebuilt on or very near to
the spot on which they once stood but more importantly, they should
stand in downtown Kabul, Damascus, Baghdad, and Tehran. Once the United
States wins its war on terrorism and its state sponsors, we should
immediately ask the newly established and pro western governments to
allow for the construction of the Freedom Towers in those capital
cities. The World Trade Center Towers would be reborn like that
Middle Eastern symbol, the phoenix. They would be a symbol of world
unity but moreover the triumph freedom and democracy. Rebuild them, and
have them shine like a thousand points of light.
-- Sean Kennedy of Whittier CA

235 Floors for 235 Years of Independence
Absolutely rebuild them. The skyline should look
nearly the same except for increased height.
235 floors would be an excellent goal to reach in this
the 235th year of independence.
-- Frank McNally

Consider us in favor of rebuilding the towers as tall as possible.
-- Justin Absher
-- Elizabeth Van Eck

Yes! Rebuild the WTC.
I like the idea of a public bond offer to fund the rebuilding of the
"Freedom Towers." Beside giving blood, it would be something that the
rest of America could do to show our support.
-- Jean Hicks of Inman, KS

111 Stories
You are absolutely right! Let's do it. I'll buy a bond to help rebuild the towers -- and I think a few hudnred million other Americans would too!
One suggestion, though. It doesn't have to be the tallest in the world, or 200 stories. That would be fine, but I kind of like the symbolism of making them 111 stories -- one story taller than before, if nothing else, out of sheer spite.
-- Gary B.

Rebuild the towers
-- Anastasia Hunter

Do It In 5 This Time
Build them TALL and PROUD. Show the world what American pride and inginuity is all about. The last time it took 6 years,
we should do it in 5 this time. The remains of the old towers should be put in the bay to make a iland memorial to those
who lost their lives for ours. It is rare that we have the chance to build a monument that not only symbolizies our memories
of those lost but will also represents those that live. We have two objectives in rebuilding, one to pay homage to our
brothers and sisters who lost their lives for us and two to show the world why they did. Capitatisam is not why America is
so bountiful, It is the individual Spirit that this Great nation alows us all to partisipate in. Good Bless America
-- Djlc

They Will Be Holy
In the past couple of days much has happened that must be disappointing to Osama bin Laden and his confreres:
Americans, though inexpressibly sad, are not paralyzed; people are resolving en masse to jumpstart the stock market on
Monday; the rubble in Manhattan has not become some sort of Wailing Wall, but is in the process of disappearing, as
thousands of tough and self-giving people continue to work; even the dictator of Syria is running scared enough that he
promises cooperation with us (though he cannot be trusted). Yes, let's rebuild the towers and name them Freedom
Towers. They will be holy because of their origin. The mad dogs who attacked us will be dead and will have discovered, to
their dismay, that God is not the snarling feral pig of their imaginations.
-- Roy Barkley, Ph.D. Senior Editor, Handbook of Texas, Texas State Historical Association

A Volunteer!
Certainly rebuild them! I've got an awesome set of tools; let me know, and I'm there.
--Clayton Barnett of Frankfort, Kentucky

Honor and Simplicity
It is honorable to remember those who paid with their lives for simply going to work.
Rebuild them.
-- Jan Nicholas of Mountain View, CA

The USA Is Fifth In Nothing
Jonah Goldberg put it best... When they opened in 1977, they were the
tallest buildings on earth, when they were destroyed, they were fifth.
The USA is fifth in nothing. Rebuild them, taller than anything anyone
else on earth would think of building. Rebuild them, of gleaming steel
and glass and let them stand, day or night as the symbol of Ronald
Reagan's shining city on a hill!
-- Keith Cummings of Denver, Colorado via New York City

Lost Family In the Attack
I'm from New York and lost family in the attack. In
speaking with many who work in that area, we agree
that the building should be rebuilt in some way. I
look forward to seeing the many plans in the future
and will support whatever is ultimately decided by the
owners and government. I look forward to using and
being near those facilities again. We are hurt here in
New York but not crippled. We will overcome.
-- Larry Kang, New York, NY

Strong and Unbowed
The World Trade Center needs to be rebuilt, to prove to the world that
we are resilient, strong, and unbowed. Freedom Towers is an excellent name
and they will stand as a memorial to all the victims, living and dead.
-- Tom Heisey, Lubbock, Texas

Thank you for this site--count me in.
-- Nancy McGauvran

Rescue, Recover, Revenge
Oh Yes, Please rebuild the towers. And keep those big eerie
cathedral-like shards of facade as a memorial. And dedicate it to the Finest and
Bravest men and women who gave up their lives to save others.

This has been less the death of our innocence (we haven't been innocent
for a longgggggggg time); perhaps it's the death of our complacency. But see
how we respond when you test us. Doesn't it make you proud of what we CAN be?
Rescue, Recover, Revenge
-- Susan

A Memorial Island
Yes, we should rebuild - bigger and better. Furthermore, the new
structure should continue to serve as private financial offices - America back to
So as not to let corporate/business "sully" the memory of the tragedy
and sanctity of those lost, we should take all the rubble from the original
towers, and create a memorial island in New York Harbor.
-- Joseph Knight

I say that before we rebuild them, we catch Osama bin Laden, get about
60 of piano wire, and hang him from the wreckage. Then we should rebuild
them at least thirty or forty stories taller than before. I like the idea
of inscribing in the buildings the names of those who died.
-- James Sloan

I absolutely love the idea! Count me in.
-- Karmic

No 'Memorial Park'
The surest sign of defeat is if we are to preserve the site as a sissy
"memorial park". That would only be a monument to our wussiness and
inefficacy--exactly the problems that brought upon this attack.

We must rebuild the towers exactly as they were before--no taller, no
prettier. Then let's build some, again exactly the same, in the center
of Jerusalem. Maybe the rest of the civilized world will construct
similar structures as monuments of their own to the difference between
them and barbarians.
-- Chadd Merrigan of Rochester, NY

The Best IPO Ever!
Absolutely !! Every U.S. citizen would have the opportunity to contribute to a common statement that we
will never surrender our freedom or back down from any challenge. Unfortunately, I can not recall to
whom I should attribute the following quote, "America can choke on a gnat, but swallow a tiger whole!"
--- Ray Struder

How about clearing the rubble from all buildings that collapsed and
erecting one giant structure that covers the entire property.
An indomitable monument to freedom.
-- Andy Andersen of Riverside, CA

Friday, September 14, 2001

Not Just a Necessity, An Inevitability
Sorry, Mr. bin Laden, but you blew it. Your suicide pilots missed
about 270 million of us. Maybe someday, in the unlikely event that you some to
understand what makes us Americans, you'll recognize the futility of
taking jealous, bratty stabs at decent members of a culture possessed of such
richness and depth it would boggle your mind.

No one who saw the President surrounded by jubilant rescue workers at
ground zero in Manhattan today can doubt that rebuilding the towers isn't just
a necessity, but an inevitability. The soaring American spirit cannot
help but manifest itself in such sparkling grandeur.
-- Charlie Banks of Nyack, NY

Let's rebuild them, make them better, bigger and more aesthetically pleasing than before!
-- Jennifer K. Engstrom of Bremerton, WA.

Engineering Marvels
The World Trade Center Towers were two of my favorite buildlings in
NYC. They are engineering marvels with NO interior columns. It is a wonder
that they stood for 1 hour after planes took out 2 of their exterior walls.

It is not often that mankind is able to replace was has been lost or
destroyed. Rebuilding the towers would be a testament to the strength
of our national resolve and a memorial to those who lost their lives.
-- Christine de Asis

TRADE CENTER LEASEHOLDER IS DETERMINED TO REBUILD!!!! But Silverstein says he will wait to make plans. Maybe Freedom Towers supporters will help bolster his courage.

'The Best Memorial to Those Who Perished or Suffered'
Please add my name to the others supporting your petition to rebuild the World Trade Center. I am sending a personal letter to Mayor Guiliani to that effect, also. I can think of no better way to show all the world--especially our enemies--that America will not be kept down. Of course, there should be some commemoration of the catastrophy that took place there, but a rebuilt Center would be the best memorial to those who perished or suffered on September 11, 2001.
--Robert S. Wagner, DDS, Arlington, VA

'Let's Start As Soon As the Rubble Is Cleared'
Amen, We need to rebuild the towers bigger and better than before. I can’t wait to go and see Freedom Towers!
-- Ken Harper

'The Ground There Must Be Consecrated'
I read today that, due to the intensity of the fire and the sheer force
of the collapse, it will be virtually impossible to recover a majority of
the victims' bodies, because there's literally nothing left. The author
said that "the ground there must be consecrated." I can think of no better
memorial than another pair of towers. If we cannot resurrect the
victims, we must resurrect the buildings, as a symbol of our resilience, and an
enduring reminder of the lives that were lost.
-- Bill Anderson

Tower Bonds
I never liked the Towers, but I want them back. And I want them fast. A lot of young, strong, skilled Americans will spend the next several years introducing terrorists to Allah. But let's keep some here, especially New Yorkers, to rebuild those symbols of freedom and productivity as fast as we can. Sell Tower Bonds along with War Bonds. Let us help rebuild it.
-- Bill Hennessy

One Victim's Name on Each Door
200 stories sounds about right. Engrave the name of of one victim on
each door in every building.
-- David Holley

Rebuild, Mourn, Punish the Terrorists
Rebuild. Make them the tallest buildings in the world again. It would show both defiance to those who attacked us and respect for those who died. What a memorial. Here's where we decide if we're still a great country. If we cower and remain scared, we'll have ceased to be a superpower and we better get ready for more of this. We need to be defiant--rebuild, mourn, and punish the terrorists.
-- Barry Graham

Absolutely. Go for it. Make it HUGE!
-- Dori Hankins

I say go for it!
-- Morris Barrett

Build them.
-- Thomas E. Dahlgren of Cottonwood, Arizona

A Remnant of the Twisted Remains
Build 2 new towers. Make them the tallest buildings in the world.
Leave a remnant of the twisted remains from the first towers as a memorial
with a plaque dedicated to the service men and women who will be ridding the
world of this evil.
-- Alan Weick

Old But New, Too
I agree. Build those suckers as high as we can. Oh, and let's not subscribe to the sixties and seventies school of architecture like the last ones. Let's use a style like the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building--something that harkens back to the great skyscraper days of the twenties and thirties, but is also modern.
-- Joseph White

Make the Roof a Memorial
Count me in. Rebuild them bigger and better--200 stories--the tallest
buildings in the world. And turn the roof into a memorial for the
and a defiant national monument for a nation that will not cower to the
enemies of Freedom.
-- Caleb V

Build It and Play Ball!
Rebuild it, rebuild it now, and rebuild it fast . Let the grandeur of
the worlds tallest towers memorialize the fallen .

While we are on the subject , every high school, college, and
professional sports team should immediately get back to their games . I for one want to see
those warriors with flags flying back in the arena .
-- Keith Shewbert

We Will Not Be Beaten Back
Put them back; Make them the tallest buildings in the world! By God, let us show the world that we will not be beaten back.
-- B. Stephens

They must be rebuilt, like the country, tall, proud and
-- Maureen C.

Build 'em bigger and taller than anything on Earth!
Build 'em AMERICAN!
-- Brian Richard Allen of Los Angeles
Three words-Build Them Back.
-- Michael Paull

Please consider this e-mail to be my support of your worthy cause. We must not give in to them.
-- Greg Rohrbough

Let's Get It Done
I haven't seen a message on this page that I don't agree with yet. Let's get it done.
-- Cliff Chavis

Not Just An Attack on America
Absolutely - build them bigger as a symbol ot the rest of the world. This was not just an attack on America: look at the faces and read the names of the victims. Every race and nation on the earth is represented - the place was aptly named a World Center. In my mind they're already christened Freedon & Unity.
-- Karen Fenton

Another Lunar Landing
Future generations will not be served by a chain link fence around a
hole in the ground. We must rebuild, and make it a national priority, like
the lunar landing. It will galvanize the country. And when finished, the
rebuilt towers will serve as a reminder that America does not lay
repose in defeat but stands atop the world in victory.
Rebuild, rebuild, rebuild.
-- PD, of Glenmoore, PA

Rebuild the Towers out of Titanium, Granite and Kevlar.
-- Richard C. Goad

Great idea. Make it a public company. Let everybody own "a piece of the Rock".
-- David Sommerlath of St. Louis, MO

See It In Portland
Build it so high that we can see it in Portland, Oregon (also, put some
laser-guided anti-aircraft guns on it, just in case). I'll pay for some
re-bar and one or two girders.
-- Tom Karter of Portland, Ore.

An Arch of Unity
This symbol must not be toppled by the evil that was perpetrated! Make them, bigger, stronger, and more beautiful. Don't know about the engineering of such a feat but perhaps an arch connecting the two to symbolize the unity of all free men and women in the struggle to maintain the torch of liberty.
-- George Passantino

I'm with you. I am unemployed and going to school, but
between this and that I could probably come up with
some funds to contribute if this idea gets off the ground
-- Adam Greenwood

Why Not Three Towers?
Yeah-- build 'em up, I say. The sooner the quicker. And taller than
before. I always thought the twin towers were kinda ugly-- but now I like the
idea of big, ugly, in-your-face towers going up right where the old ones
--Andrew Solovay

Nothing Can Destroy This Great Nation
Nothing says it better than to rebuild those two towers, taller and
aptly named Freedom and Unity. It says to the world in general (and those
that would do us wrong in particular) that nothing, NOTHING can destroy this
great nation!
You can tear down our monuments, but we'll rebuild them.
And whereas our monuments will be back, bigger and more beautiful than
before, where once your nations stood, no life will ever live again.
-- Michael Lisby

A Competition Among the World's Greatest Architects is Called For
I also believe we should rebuild the WTC towers, making them taller and
grander; the tallest in the world if feasible. The names suggested are
excellent, although I don't think we should just rebuild the old design
and make it 10% taller. A competition among the world's greatest architects
is called for. The end result may not be two identical towers at all.

A memorial wall or monument attached to them or within them would be
appropriate, of course, with the names of the dead engraved on them, or
perhaps a 21st century equivalent - a giant video wall with the
likenesses of the dead and recorded rememembrances from the relatives, all
accessible from touch screen terminals. That is not maudlin or oversentimental;
what would be oversentimental would be to not rebuild.
-- Alvaro Fernandez of Friendswood, TX

Fourth Generation Native Says Rebuild
As a fourth generation native New Yorker (my great grandfather was
born in Manhattan in 1860) I say we must rebuild. Any other course is to
admit they won. We can't replace an amputated limb with the real thing. But we
can rectify the amputation of this symbol of the greatness of New York by
by rebuilding. And to reassure people about its safety put a missile site
-- Don Haverstrom

Freedom, Unity, and Cantor Fitzgerald
Let's go as high as possible: into space. Barring that, 200 floors is a bare minimum, and we need a monstrous SAM site there, not just AA guns. And we need 3 towers, Freedom, Unity, and Cantor Fitzgerald. Can't imagine losing 700 of 1000 people.
-- Graeme H. of Santa Barbara CA

'Our Spirit Cannot be Diminished by Evil'
There is no doubt in my mind that the rebuilding of the towers would be the perfect symbol of America--a symbol of our strength, our resolve, and
our dedication.

One of my co-workers thought it a horrible idea. "Who would want an office there after all of this?" She asked.

"Everyone who believes that our spirit cannot be diminished by evil," I answered. She merely looked confused.
-- Dave Jones

'The Faith and Hope of All Americans'
Count me in! I cannot think of a better way to both thumb our collective noses at out enemies and simultaneously bolstering the faith and hope of all Americans. Bravo!!!!
-- Kathy McCabe of Fremont, CA

'I Saw the Towers Go Up'
Though I live in San Francisco, I was born and raised
in New York, joined the Navy there during the Viet Nam
war, and came back to New York when I got back from
the war.

In my young adulthood I saw the Towers go up. This
last week I saw them brought down by a despicable

Churchill said: "never give up! never ever give up!".

Let them be rebuilt and be dedicated both to the
victims, to the rescuers, and to our Army, Navy, Air
Force, Marines, and Coast Guard who will take the war
to the enemy and utterly destroy their ability to
commit evil ever again.
-- Louis Spielman

What a great idea. Consider me totally behind this project.
-- Michael Silva

We will cower in fear, we will unite in rebuilding.
--Joshua Mercer of Alexandria, Va.

Landmarks to Freedom and Civilization
Please, yes, rebuild. It was only thirty seconds or so into the second
crash that I realized we had to rebuild the towers. Determination,
durability, defiance, liberty, victory!!! And we really should have
the anti-aircraft guns there, along with the Empire State Building, Sears
Tower, Pentagon and any other landmark to freedom and civilization.
-- Tom Bass of Hartford, CT

'Windows Over America'
An excellent idea, reflective of all that makes this country the land
of the free and the home of the brave. I'm making my reservations for the
restaurant that will be on the top floor, Windows over America, right
-- Charles Snee of Troy, Ohio

Call up the original architects, dust off the blueprints, and build
both towers exactly as they were before.
-- Atwell

'Remember Nine Eleven Oh-One'
Count me in on this. The idea of rebuilding the towers 200 stories tall, with stinger missiles and machine guns on the roof, next to the memorial to the 4000 dead of the old WTC, is exactly what the United States needs to present to the world, as the final word on how much those godless fanatics only served to turn our resolve to help Israel, and rid the world of their meaningless murdering lives. Remember Nine Eleven Oh-One.
-- A. Evangelista

'Build 'em Stout, Wide and to the Sky!'
Rebuild those towers bigger, stronger and better than ever! Living in Kentucky, I've only been in those towers once, as a tourist, and enjoyed riding all the way up to the observation area. What a feeling of pride and accomplishment in American engineering and spirit I had as I looked out for miles in all directions! Someone once said, the best revenge is living well. I can't imagine a better way to do that than to rebuild those towers, and show the world we will not be cowed by anyone who simply hates us for being Americans. Build 'em stout, wide and to the sky!
-- John Rogers

'Bigger, Taller, Stronger'
We know what we have to do, and the sooner we start doing both of them, the better. We must rebuild it bigger, taller and stronger, while wiping those who aided and abetted in committing this atrocity from the face of the earth.
-- James M. Nevler

I agree. Sign me up.
-- Douglas Fowler

'Let Us Be Victors'
Let us not be victims, but rather let us be victors. New York City is, and the World Trade Center in particular was, a powerful symbol of capitalism. It is imperative to defend our way of life and to strike out against all who threaten it. And as a firm defiant message to evil and anti-American movements everywhere, we should all support any efforts to re-establish the physical presence of the financial center of the world in New York City, with the tallest building complex possible, at the site that is now concrete rubble.
--N.D. Gilligan

'Bigger, Stronger'
I agree with the idea of rebuilding, bigger, faster, stronger,
and with lower fuel economy...after all, this is America.
-- Eric B.

Let's Build Freedom Towers!
-- Tim S.

'Rise From the Ashes'
Standing in defiance is not easy. Defending what is right does not come with our fear or cheaply but now is not the time to wither in the face of disaster. We shall pray for the dead, console the family and friends who's loved ones perished, punish the aggressors and rebuild. Rebuild a great edifice that will house our corporate titans, and nimble newcomers, employ our people and stand up to those who wish us evil. The fitting tribute to all who have lost the 911 buildings will be our memorial to the dead.

We have two options in our efforts to rebound from the events of 9/11; cower in terror or rise from the ashes. We have risen from the ashes of our destroyed white house during the WAR of 1812 and rebuilt the peoples house, we rose from the Civil War and the bombing of Pearl Harbor each time rebuilding in a grander style. From the ashes of our countryman, friends and family we must rise to new heights. To Daniel Webster I answer, "How Stands The Union?" - itis withered, battle worn, scarred, but resolute in turning back those who wish us evil and ready to rebuild.
-- Dan Lalor

'Taller Than Before if Even by Only One Story'
Please add my name to the petition to rebuild the WTC Towers. Both towers, taller than before if even by only one story. In the plaza below, a massive statue of a bald eagle and a Pheonix side by side above an eternal flame.
-- Neil McGrail

'They, and We, Are Here to Stay'
What a wonderful memorial--not another statue, but a clear statement that America is more than a building, and there is plenty of strength in
America to build all the buildings needed--not to mention strength to do anything else needed.

Freedom and Unity are probably concepts as foreign to the terrorists as their hatred is to us. If the names make no sense to those guilty of Tuesday's horror, perhaps the initials will translate better.

Build 'em again, build 'em better, and make it clear that they, and we, are here to stay.
-- Tracey Wagner

'100 Miles in Any Direction'
America has never allowed tyranny in any form to compromise our beliefs. When terrorists demolished the WTC, and murdered over 4,000 civilians, they attacked the ideas of personal, political and economic freedom, and international cooperation and interdependence. The best way to show our resolution will be to rebuild the towers. Make a new WTC to honor the dead, that will be seen for 100 miles in any direction.
-- Daniel Skibo

Freedom and Unity
I especially like the idea of naming the towers Freedom and Unity.
-- David Russo

'American Defiance'
There can be no better sign of American defiance than to have the Towers return to the NYC skyline. We are all Israel now.
-- D.J. McGuire

A Public Offering
Build it using funds from a public offering. It would be the most widely held REIT offer on the market.
-- David E.

Let's break ground before spring.
-- David F.

'America is a Place of Greatness'
America needs to rebuild the WTC higher and bigger than before, just like the Pentagon will be. Don't turn it into a function-less square, America is a place of greatness, wealth and strength, put those towers back up in NYC...and like Goldberg said... "But if we must have a shrine or monument for our remorse, let's put it on the 200th floor, right next to the antiaircraft guns."
-- Mark B.

'Let America Be Strong and Magnanimous'
Words fail, as the mind struggles to comprehend. In this hour, let America be
strong and magnanimous, and let the rebuilt Freedom Towers be the symbol of its
-- Melvin L. Schut

A great idea. Count me as a supporter.
-- Clint Brooks

'Americana Collapse'
Here is an interesting Reason magazine interview with the biographer of the WTC, Angus Kress Gillespie, conducted by Michael Lynch. Gillespie doesn't think the towers can be rebuilt and makes a sober and strong case citing, among other reasons, 'the demoralization factor.' We at Freedom Towers think Gillespie, on this point, underestimates the American people.

'A Living Representation of Man's Belief in Humanity'
Minoru Yamasaki, the designer of the World Trade Center: "The World Trade Center should, because of its importance, become a living representation of man's belief in humanity, his need for individual dignity, his belief in the co-operation of men, and through this co-operation his ability to find greatness."
(Freedom Towers would like to thank for pointing out this quote.)

'A Serious Nation Dusts Itself Off, and Gets Up Off the Mat'
National Review's Jonah Goldberg makes a strong case for rebuilding the towers -- bigger and better than before.

Thursday, September 13, 2001

'The Best Nation in Human History'

I am totally behind the idea of getting the towers back up and running
as soon as possible. They should be higher--if architecturally
possible, the highest in the world. And there should be a giant
lighted copper sculpture of a bald eagle on top of one of them. Some may see
this as a showing of arrogance, but those that do will never admit to
understanding what we are all about anyway. How many times do we have
to pull dying countries out from the mud before people give us the
thanks we are due? I say we keep pulling them from the mud even if
noone ever expresses appreciation. They will know deep down that that
is why we are the best nation in human history.
-- Kevin B.

Dedicated to those murdered on September 11, 2001.

To honor their memory and stand athwart those who threaten our way of life, we ask you to sign a petition of support advocating that the towers be rebuilt and named Freedom Towers.

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